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Πέμπτη, 18 Ιουλίου, 2024

Η EODH στην DEFEA 23

The Greek company EODH S.A., based in Lakkoma, Chalkidiki participates in the International Exhibition of Defense Material DEFEA, (HALL 3 – STAND D4) which presents the latest developments in the field of protection of Heavy MBTs, Armored Fighting Vehicles and Light Armored Vehicles.
EODH presents for first time the heavy version of the advanced protection system “ASPIS Modular NG – MBT” (ASPIS – Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System), installed on a Hellenic Army Leopard 2A4 MBT, designed as a complete hybrid solution that combines passive and active protection elements in the front arch to cope with modern threats such as tandem double warhead ATGMs and the new generation of long-rod APFSDS kinetic energy rounds. The design is such that it allows responding to multiple hits, while after attacking the armor modules can be replaced in field conditions by the crew. The solution proposed by EODH can be applied as an upgrade of existing MBTs or integrated into new designs and meets the new challenge posed by attack Drones, Loitering Ammunitions, and the new ATGM missiles in the Fire & Forget parabolic trajectory that attack the MBT at the top of the turret. It uses stand-alone millimeter-wave radar sensors, distributed on the roof of the tower that, when activated, detect incoming threats approaching the roof from high elevation angles, and at the appropriate time trigger directed explosion charges.
In addition, EODH presents the new Anti-Tank version of the High Mobility Armored Vehicle 4×4 “Hoplite” which incorporates many innovations and provides an excellent balance between the mobility and the protection. Aiming to cover National and International requirements in high mobility multi-role armored vehicles, EODH developed a new generation vehicle with its own resources, with modular design and high performance, suitable to cover a wide range of Military and internal security missions. The EODH design team, using tested sub-systems by specialized companies of known prestige, designed a vehicle of high operational value, which stands out for a plethora of innovations and at the same time integrates top level of protection for its class. The main goal of the new design is to create a basic platform with a maximum
gross weight of 12 tons with a payload of 2 tons, easily adaptable to different roles, with main features Strategic and Tactical mobility, the great reliability and operational readiness with the least possible Logistics, high survival and capability conducting business under any circumstances.
Finally, the newly designed NIMROD 300 Remote Weapon Station designed by Valhalla in collaboration with Rheinmetall and EODH as a low-cost and high-performance solution for the upgrade of Infantry Fighting Vehicles is presented at the stand. This particular RWS carries a 30x173mm automatic cannon (Oerlicon KCE or ATK MK44) a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and the ability of adapting a single or double A/T launcher of fire and forget missiles or a Loitering Ammunition launch unit to deal with all kinds of targets at long distances. Rheinmetall’s state-of-the-art day/night sights as well as the remote control unit with the appropriate software and multiple interface options of different subsystems ensure high flexibility and ease of design adaptation to any operational requirement. This particular RWS is included in the offered upgrade package of 4K7FA APC to the LEONIDAS 300 standard which also includes the replacement of the power-pack assembly, electrical and electronic circuits as well as the upgrade of the level of protection to Level 5 according to STANAG 4569.
With over 18 years of track record, EODH has recoursed to its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, consistently pursuing its dedicated investment and growth plans. As a result, EODH has become an important global partner in the development, design and manufacturing of all types of protection systems in the defense market, with activities in Greece, Europe and the Middle East. By providing innovative and tailored made solutions for today’s specific needs EODH became one of the preferred partners of KMW in the LEO 2A7 and Boxer 8×8 production as well in other modern AFV. Its key role results on the design, manufacturing and integration of their protection solutions.